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For a powerful theatre or staging lighting solution, the new MadMax25 LED light panel demonstrates strong diversity and multiple effects for the creative user: fitted with ultra-bright collaborative LEDs to project stunning lighting shows from close up and long distances. This large panel can be mounted via the rear bracket onto trussing or stage stands and works wonders in multiples when connected via DMX: the performance of this system will have audiences in awe with its shape, number and letter display capability, as well as strobe and dimmer function for a dramatic effect. Ideal for events companies, hire companies, installers or concerts and theatres; the MadMax25 comes with robust flightcase for protective transport and is built in endure heavy usage. With adjustable microphone sensitivity (when using sound-to-light activation mode), adjustable fan cooling, master/slave operation and built-in sequences; this light will lead your next performance or show.

To achieve effects in this video, please use a Smoke Machine


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