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These are the LED spotlights in “warm white” – good quality, fairly bright actually. You can see in the “After” shots how they did lighten up the scene overall without washing out the colors.

These are red spotlights I got this year – very high quality LED but very expensive. Not worth the extra money in my opinion:

These are the bulbs I got 2 years ago that are half the price and work almost just as well when it comes to brightness and color:
(green, people say these look “Miami blue-green”))

Wion TImers I use:

These are the C9 lights I have around the roofline:

Jake The Lawn Kid’s Christmas Lights video Part 1 2018:

Here is my very first “How to put up Christmas Lights” video:

This is where I was first developing the strategy of “Clean.Simple.Classy” Christmas lights. This was the first year I started using LEDs. As you watch the following vids you will see how the strategy progressed.

Here is my 2014 update – rockin’ the Dad jeans for sure:
Part 1: (roof line)
Part 2: (ground game)

Here is my 2016 version at my little house in St Petersburg:

I was actually pretty happy with this – but I did not like the way the uplighting in the trees turned ou.

Here is the 2017 putting up Christmas lights version. This is at my new house and was the first time I put up a display here:
Part 1: (roofline and palms)
Part 2: (palms)
Part 3: (wrapping the big palm)

I felt like 2017 was too much work for too little reward and the palms didn’t look that great anyway. I also felt like I was choking them. So in 2018 I backed off all that palm tree wrapping and went more for spotlights. I think the 2018 display is much cleaner.

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