Have you ever heard of Yesutoro on Instagram? He’s an IG star that has lots of men throwing themselves at him on a daily basis. Class Comics made a comic book based around his life that is both hot and sad at the same time. Check out my thoughts on this comic that is written and drawn by David Cantero.

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  • Kevin Jones
    Posted 37 mins ago 12:33 pm

    I love your facial hair.

    Plus, this comic sounds VERY interesting.

  • Throatlasher Mommas Boy
    Posted 37 mins ago 12:33 pm

    the art is on point

  • Tim Kohls
    Posted 37 mins ago 12:33 pm

    At the beginning, I thought maybe this review was coming from a personal place. I kind of assumed you would have similar experiences based on your super powered adorableness, geekiness, and blinding sexiness. A friend told me, my eyes actually turn into cartoon hearts while watching your videos. I'm glad most people have more restraint and manners. Now I want to check out this comic and the real guy. Thanks for sharing

  • ThatLongHairedCreepyGuy
    Posted 37 mins ago 12:33 pm

    You're too adorable. Of course people like you.

    You're awesome! And wonderful. And special.

    ((I could go on, but I know for a fact anything else I add will REALLY embarrass you. 😉 ))

  • Michael Mendez
    Posted 37 mins ago 12:33 pm

    I finished reading it. I'm really on the fence about it. David Cantero's art is amazing as usual. I know the scenarios are exaggerated but it's like one big ego trip on behalf of the "perfect man."

  • Liberal Socialist
    Posted 37 mins ago 12:33 pm

    I cant believe Univision made history this year by having a series aroung a gay couple . avg audience was 2.1 mil per episodehttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_coraz%C3%B3n_nunca_se_equivoca

  • ladynikkie
    Posted 37 mins ago 12:33 pm

    Cool, I'll check it out sometimes

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