Satan is trying to destroy your life; he’s trying to defile you and he wants you to have no voice. If Satan can defile us we will have no witness!

The Bible commands us to be holy because God is holy and God wants us to be holy because we represent the Lord in the earth.
If we’re unholy we have no authority, we have no voice, we are ineffective in worship which is an instrument of warfare. Worship is a powerful weapon of warfare but when we feel defiled, we don’t want to worship. When we feel uncleaned, we don’t want to testify, we don’t want to speak the scriptures, and we don’t want to to witness.
Satan’s aim is to defile the saints of the Most High. He is doing everything to whitewash us in darkness. We need to destroy all pride in our life. We must make a mental adjustment to eradicate pride in our life. Humility of the mind pleases God. James 4:6 reminds us that … God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

The weapons God has given us are:
– Your Influence
– Your Speech
– Your Prayers
– Your ministry
– Your Presence
– Your Communication and,
– Your worship
These are all weapons of warfare given by God to come against this unholy culture. God’s heart cry is our holiness. You must be holy because I the Lord your God am holy. When you came out of darkness, you translated into marvellous light. When you became a Christian, your mind was renewed and you heart was changed. There has to be a mind heart transformation. In other words, you can’t just hear the gospel without responding to the gospel; you either accept it or reject it. If you accept it, it leads us to the understanding that we must be changed.


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