I recently did an updated review on this projector in 2018 here:

UC-46 Wifi Projector on Amazon (US):
UC-46 (India):

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Link to UC-46 projector test video:

I feel like I’ve been spoiled now that I’ve used this UC-46 wifi projector as the wifi option is something I don’t think I could go without after using it. This is also very attractive because it is a budget friendly and cheap projector option. This is the most cheap home theater option you will likely find. The quality of this projector is pretty nice and way better than I was expecting. With 1200 lumens, it can be hard to use during the day with great quality, but after the sun goes down the projector’s picture quality is much better. The picture/audio settings, different input options, remote, and included 4 GB USB stick all make for a great experience. The UC46 projector fan volume is lower than another projector I tested out and the sound actually gets pretty loud. I’d recommend hooking up another set of speakers for the best experience though. The UC46 is definitely a very portable projector at it’s size and I recommend it! This would make a great home theater projector for gaming or movies for someone on a budget looking for a cheap option.

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  1. Hey guys this video is a bit older now, so after you watch this one check out the updated 2018 revisited review I did here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_p9GjAR0Yk
    I also have a whole budget projector playlist here!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJE97mrlkm1X7ST4FpIXi59j75M7KAyW4

  2. can you use this for pc monitor. I've seen a projector setup using this one. maybe its possible..

  3. Your going to want the rca rpn 116 it will blow this projector out of the water 60 bucks and high lumens its built inside the same but better light in it

  4. Do teardown youll see what im seeing inside there built litteraly the same in side even the config led lamp fresnel lcd fresnel mirror focus lens dont matter witch one you get it the same as the one you have

  5. Thatbis not 1200 lumens lol look at the teardown vids from other users of other china projector open any of them and you will see the same thing inside its a china scam there fluding the market like thay done the fourwheelers

  6. Was a good explanation, but I bought one, so, I tried to see any thing on my micro projector, but I can't see any screen as you show on your video, can you tell me if I did something on mine? Thanks a lot.

  7. Is there a way to connect this to my ps4? I have tried and changed the hdcp but it didn’t work. Is there something I need? PS4 too new for this projector?

  8. Hi! Great vid thanks, quick question, can I cast video from my tablet and then send the sound straight from the tablet to my Bluetooth speakers? Thanks!!

  9. Has anybody tried plugging a Google Chromecast into this projector? And did the video + sound work?


  10. Is it incompatible with NETFLIX? Because in my the black screen is left and only the audio is reproduced. Has anyone had this problem yet? And how well do I get the drive?

  11. Buddy you are the reason I am making a purchase on this. I am looking to use it for watching soccer (football) and my current YG-300 yellow and white 320×240 projector just does not cut it. I assume with this I will be able to atleast see the score on the top left!

  12. Is the Cast feature the same as the Wireless display feature? I have an android phone that has wireless display can it do the same thing? Thanks in advance

  13. Hi. Great review. Can a camera tripod be screwed into the riser bolt hole at base so it can be used on a tripod? Or is there a seperate tripod screw hole at the base? Thanks

  14. good morning.. i bought same projecter yesterday.. its having resolution 640 * 480

    i tried play vedeo via pendrive.. but video playing on a corner of the total screen.. can you help me?

  15. Hi! I wanted to connect the projector to my laptop but it seems that my laptop can't find the device. Is there any other way to connect to the projector aside from the wireless connection?


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