Vector 2 Game (1-15 floors) (Android & iOS)


And so the running continues as you try to live in a society ruled by strict laws. Run faster and show your new moves in this fast-paced mobile game called Vector 2. Just like your previous version, the main objective here is to control your character and run inside the complex. You must reach the elevator in order to complete the level. There are still traps and other obstacles along the way. Jump on the platforms and use your parkour moves to get pass them. The game features armor or suits that you can use to stay longer in each level.

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Vector 2 features a side scrolling endless running adventure, it is the sequel to Vector and it offers twice the fun and twice the action, the silhouetted character is back and this time you need to help him traverse the levels filled with deadly traps and hazardous obstacles…and hopefully reach the end of the level, you’ll need to help him run and jump, slide and even dash forward with a temporary burst in speed, be careful though as the levels are filled with gaps, lasers that will instantly kill the character and even mines that explodes on contact, indeed, death is everywhere and is just lurking around the corners waiting for you to pass by before it claims your characters life, fortunately, the game does provide you with a variety of gear that can help you out in your runs and even cool stunts, they cost money to unlock though, so you’ll need to grab those in game currency to be able to get them, it’s going to be a challenge really, and it’s going to be fun, so come on and put your game face on, find out if you have enough skills to help the silhouetted character travel the farthest distance possible in this addictive endless running adventure game called Vector 2.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics designs in the game are nice and certainly went up a notch compared to the prequel, the character design remained the same though, it still looks like a shadow, no visible detail, just the outline of a man running and jumping across the levels, the game’s environments is quite nice though, and although the foregrounds are made up of silhouettes, the background does provide nice designs and colors, giving you a nice contrast that makes it look quite cool, you’re going to encounter a lot of futuristic structures and mechanisms, gaps, obstacles and traps, the colors are great, although the foregrounds look a bit dark, the background designs and presentations were more than enough to give the game a bright look, movements and animations are smooth too, the character is very responsive to the controls which make it really fun to move around while the game animations are also nice and quite fluid, music is cool, it sounded quite exciting while sound effect is great overall, the game special effects are also cool, quite simple really as you won’t see anything extraordinary but the way it was presented made it really looking nice and pretty, overall, the game looks great and as mentioned earlier, it really does look better compared to the first release.


It is an action packed endless runner, once the level starts, the silhouetted character will run automatically, you’ll be in control of its jumps, slides and dashes, there are a lot of traps and obstacles in the game and you’ll need perfect timing with your jumps and slides to be able to overcome them, just a little miscalculation on your part and the character will die for sure, controls are easy and intuitive, you swipe up to make a jump, swipe down to slide and swipe to the right to execute a dash…that’s it.


Vector 2 is a side scrolling endless running game, it has very nice graphics, it features a lot of gear and abilities for you to unlock and a lot of in game currency to grab, it also uses responsive and intuitive controls to make it easier and more fun for everyone.


I enjoyed this game very much, the first one was really fun and this one is even more, the graphics seem to be cooler too, check it out, you’ll love it.

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  1. When are they going to update this game man is been years since they started sf3 come on nekki why are doing this to us.

  2. Kinda would have wanted an endibg scene or something along those lines to eother conclude the story or prepare for a Vector 3.

  3. It was very easy. But u made a little mistake there . reviving again by watch the vid… Imagine those who has no internet.


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